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  • Digital fiduciary services: Management of assets, financial transactions and legal aspects by a trusted fiduciary.
  • Versatile business areas: Fiduciary services include accounting, company formation, tax optimization and other business businessrelated activities.
  • Professional support for companies: Using fiduciary services relieves companies, improves business efficiency and provides professional support and advice.


Innovative online solutions
for accounting and fiduciary services

Welcome to Nexova, your leading tax advisory service provider specializing in innovative online accounting and financial management solutions. Our expertise enables us to develop customized, digital solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your business. We understand how crucial flexibility and availability are in today›s fast-paced economy and strive to meet your needs at all times.

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Comprehensive digital fiduciary services
for your business

As your digital fiduciary, we offer a wide range of services ranging from online bookkeeping and payroll services to digital support for company formation and professional tax optimization.

Our aim as a fiduciary partner is to reduce the complexity of your financial administration through our comprehensive expertise and the use of state-of-the-art technologies. We are committed to providing you with solutions that are not only efficient but also future-proof.

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Customer-oriented service
at the heart of our work

At Nexova, you, our customers, are at the center of everything we do. Our philosophy is to build a partnership with each of our customers based on trust, transparency and commitment.

We offer individual solutions and advice in this collaboration to ensure that your specific digitization and accounting needs are fully met. At Nexova, we place the highest value on security and data protection.

We work with the latest security protocols to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your financial data. We understand that data security is of paramount importance in the digital trust space and therefore employ the strictest measures to safeguard your information.

Our team of experts is always ready to support you every step of the way and provide you with the best strategy and solution.

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Advanced technologies for efficient financial management

In the world of digital trust companies, Nexova excels in the use of advanced technologies. We combine innovative digitalization with in-depth accounting expertise to provide you with a clear and transparent financial overview. This combination of technology and know-how enables us to offer customized solutions for efficient and effective financial management. Our aim is to give you a competitive edge by providing fiduciaries with the latest digital tools and methods.

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Discover the benefits of the digital fiduciary industry with Nexova Treuhand

Experience the benefits of a digital fiduciary with Nexova. We are your partner for advanced, digitized accounting and comprehensive fiduciary services. Enter a new era of digital financial management and experience how we can optimize your business processes and build a successful business future.

We, your digital fiduciary, believe that your success is our success. That›s why we are committed to working with you to achieve your business goals and exceed your expectations.

At Nexova, we understand that digitalization is more than just a buzzword – it›s a business philosophy based on innovation, customer satisfaction and excellence. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to a digital and successful future.

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Start your journey into the world of digital finance with Nexova now. Get in touch with us to discover customized solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you need support with online bookkeeping, payroll accounting or company formation, Nexova is your partner for innovative, digital fiduciary services.

Let’s work together to optimize your business processes and increase your financial transparency. Your success in the digital era starts here – with Nexova, your trusted digital trust partner. Get in touch with us today!

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