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Why do you need fiscal representation?

We represent your foreign company in Switzerland

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In Switzerland, a fiscal representative (also known as a «tax representative») is a natural person or legal entity who, as an economic operator, represents foreign companies in all their value added tax (VAT) obligations vis-à-vis the Federal Tax Administration (FTA).

All companies domiciled abroad that provide services in Switzerland and have a worldwide turnover of more than CHF 100,000 per year are subject to compulsory VAT in Switzerland.

Foreign companies require a qualified fiscal representative in Switzerland for VAT registration with the Federal Tax Administration. Switzerland does not allow resident companies to register directly for VAT. Foreign companies that have neither a place of residence or business in Switzerland must therefore hire a fiscal representative to fulfil their Swiss VAT obligations.

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When do you need a fiscal representative?

Find out if you are liable to pay tax

Fiscal representation

Taxable supplies include, among others:

Operating a warehouse in Switzerland

Providing services within the framework of a contract for work and services

Carrying out work such as assembly, installation, or maintenance of objects

Digital services, e.g. electronic provision of software or music to private individuals in Switzerlan

Other physical activities in Switzerland

Mail order of goods to Switzerland at the standard tax rate, with a value of less than CHF 65 per order, but more than CHF 100,000 in total per year

Fiscal representation
not required

Non-taxable services include, among others:

(Already subject to purchase or import tax)

Advertising services (traditional advertising agencies, as well as providers such as Google Ads)

Services provided by consultants, asset managers or lawyers, etc.

Management services, e.g. management of cross-border group relationships

Data processing services

Assignment and granting of intangible rights

Shipment of goods to Switzerland which are subject to import tax

Even if you are not a mandatorily taxable entity, you can voluntarily register to relieve your customers of import and customs formalities.

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What does a tax representative do?

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A fiscal representative in Switzerland performs several important functions on behalf of foreign companies. These include:

Assessing their VAT liability in Switzerland

Preparation of the quarterly VAT statement

Application and registration with the tax administration

Finding input tax deduction opportunities

Efforts to obtain a subsequent penalty-free declaration in the event that the company previously omitted to fulfil their VAT obligation

Clarification of VAT questions and assessments at home and abroad in the case of cross-border transactions

Ongoing advice on all tax matters in accordance with the individual situation and needs of the company

Representation and correspondence with the tax authorities on behalf of the company

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How much does fiscal representation cost?

Transparent and fair flat rates

registration fee
of CHF 500

fee of
CHF 1200

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What makes Nexova stand out?

We care about your company in Switzerland

Choosing Nexova as your trusted fiscal representative for VAT in Switzerland offers the following key benefits:

The opportunity to reclaim your input tax liability

Elimination of risks to your business and the end customer

Optimisation of your tax liability

Comprehensive services tailored to your needs

Attractive rates for our services

Saving time through efficient work processes

Nexova has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with Swiss VAT for foreign companies. We stay abreast of the latest legal requirements and ensure that you are always compliant. We offer individual advice to help you optimise your tax situation, improve your efficiency and reduce costs.

We, at Nexova Treuhand, are happy to represent and advise you on all your tax matters in Switzerland. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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Jörg Buckmann
Managing Director, BUCKMANN GEWINNT+

Uncomplicated or serious? Or is it and? A young, clever team is at work here, offering excellent services, highly uncomplicated and competent. Instead of a prestigious reception, expensive offices and chocolates, there are fast services and competent services. For me as a one-man company, this is exactly what I need.

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Filip Henzler
Chief Financial Officer, InSphero AG

InSphero AG, as a leading company for 3D in-vitro models, has benefited greatly from the accounting services of Nexova AG. The remarkable cost savings of 35% compared to in-house accounting, coupled with Nexova’s reliability, speed and high competence in Business Central and accounting have noticeably optimized our processes. We can highly recommend Nexova and its services.

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Florian Jauch
Co-Founder, Arvy AG

Arvy AG has found an exceptional partner in Nexova AG. Their very high level of expertise in FINMA-regulated industries ensures that our financial transactions are in safe and competent hands. What sets Nexova apart is their flat-rate pricing structure, which has helped us greatly with budgeting and financial planning. As a company committed to long-term success and integrity in investments, we are very satisfied with the services provided by Nexova AG.

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Patrick Rissi
Co-Founder, Brainiegroup GmbH

For us as an EdTech startup, it is very important that our trustee is as digital and agile as we are. With Nexova AG, we have found the perfect partner who can actively support us in our growth.

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Marc Perren

Mr. Merz has a very broad knowledge and was able to help me with all my questions. The conversation was very pleasant and very informative for me. Thank you for your support.

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Jörg Buckmann

Uncomplicated or serious? Both here. A young, smart team is at work here, offering excellent services, highly uncomplicated and competent. Instead of a prestigious reception area, expensive offices and a few small gifts, you offer fast and competent services. For me as a one-man company, this is exactly what I need.

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Martin Gerber

I have been a Nexova customer for some time now and so far I am very satisfied! Thanks to the digital working methods and high responsiveness of the client managers, little time is lost in the daily process in particular. The prices are also very fair. Nexova handles the annual financial statements for me, including the tax balance sheet. The processes are standardized, which is a great advantage for audits (AHV and taxes). The two founders are two young, innovative guys and very serious.

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Florian Kreidler

The friendly and competent Nexova employee was able to answer my questions about company car taxation quickly and specifically. Thank you very much for this!

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Reto S

When I founded my company a year ago, I needed a reliable fiduciary partner. In addition to pure accounting, Nexova also offers me very good advice on all aspects of labor law. Thanks to the E-Post solution, I no longer even have to worry about my company mail and can focus purely on my service activities. My contacts at Nexova are always very friendly and pleasant to deal with. The complete package is simply TOP and I can only recommend Nexova!

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Pascal Zumstein

Top company & friendly owners. A highly recommended trustee.

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Seb Ur

Very good and competent advice!

Read more
David Leu

Professionally at a very high level. They are very good with Excel and could also support us with automation of processes.

Read more
Stefan Burgener

I had a few questions about remote work and was advised super and free of charge. Thank you very much!

Read more
Luca Märki

Very good service. Good and competent advice with friendly staff. I can definitely recommend

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Edward Buchanan

The Nexova team is very professional and I felt they always had my best interests at heart. I highly recommend Nexova and will continue to refer my clients to them and trust them with my business.

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Juliam Pantano

I am impressed with their outstanding service, especially in the field of accounting services, they demonstrate a professional approach and exceptional attention. As a lawyer, I have found Nexova to be a valuable partner in the financial world.

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Marie Ospina

I had an excellent consultation with Nexova AG regarding withholding tax. Their expertise is remarkably extensive and their guidance was invaluable, I highly recommend their services. A first class experience.

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Alan Schuetz
February 8, 2023

The Nexova Team is an important partner to our startup, enabling us to pass all of our accounting, tax and payroll duties. We specially value their expertise with Startups and flexibility, which allows us to plan and manage our financials effectively and to focus on the bottom line of our operations.

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Raphael H.
April 7, 2023

We are very satisfied with Nexova as our trustee. Thanks to the Teams group chat, I can always count on very fast response times (of a few minutes). The Teams Chat group is great. With our old trustee, we had to write mails and always had to wait a long time for an answer and on top of that we were charged for every little question. Fortunately, this is not the case with Nexova.

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Philip Reck
February 25, 2023

Nexova solved my problem with a non-paying tenant quickly and efficiently. I was simply overwhelmed with the situation and glad for the competent legal advice. Nexova handled everything from the reminder with threat of termination, to representation in court, to the police eviction quickly, efficiently and also inexpensively. Many thanks for the valuable help.

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