Trustee job with dream settingWork where you feel best!

Whether it’s a café or a mountain hut, you choose your setting. Satisfied employees are more motivated and therefore more productive. Everyone should decide for themselves where their office is.

Our mission

Where we want to go

As an innovative fiduciary company in Switzerland, Nexova supports start-ups and SMEs to become digital and efficient. Our goal is to offer the most cost-efficient and at the same time professional fiduciary service on the market, so that Swiss SMEs see us as the as the main player for their digital accounting.

We stand by our clients from the start of the business with a vision and help, to realise it. With our reliable financial data and experience, we give every founder the necessary decision-making basis to turn this vision into a solid business.

Together with our employees, we develop a better way of working and show the world, that it is possible to create both a product and a culture based on transparency, trust, innovation, and collaboration.

Our values

What is important for us

Team spirit

For good cohesion and a sense of belonging among team members, it is important to consider and value the different experiences, strengths and needs. At Nexova, we evaluate these and engage you in a way that promotes your satisfaction, health and productivity.


Control is good - trust is better. The time and location-independent working culture at Nexova is based on mutual trust. We do not focus on time measurement but on goals and results.


At Nexova there is no such thing as the status quo. We place great emphasis on the ability to think creatively and the development of new ideas. We are constantly learning and trying new processes to keep our finger on the pulse


It doesn't matter if you are an intern or an account manager. At Nexova, personal responsibility is written in capital letters. There is no micromanagement, and you can take responsibility for your own projects and make your own decisions from day one.


Open and transparent communication is crucial to the pursuit of any company's goals. We communicate transparently with staff and clients to ensure agile response and mutual trust. Our pricing models are transparent and clearly visible on our website.

Your advantages

Why Nexova is the perfect employer for you

Location-independent working

We want to create a working environment in which people feel comfortable - because satisfied employees are more motivated and therefore more productive. That’s why you can decide for yourself where you want to work from. Be it on the beach, in the mountains or anywhere else you like.

Flexible working hours

We do not give you specific times when your working day begins and ends. This makes it easier for you to combine family and hobbies with work

Promotion through further training

Continuous learning is important. That is why we promote training and further education and are happy to cover the costs.

Exciting clientele: Start-ups and SMEs

Many of our clients are in the starting blocks with exciting innovations and ready to conquer the market. We help them to do so.

Completely digital without paperwork

We work completely digitally, remotely, and paperless. We see ourselves as e-trustees and all our processes are digitalised, clearly structured and standardised. A paperless workflow increases efficiency, reduces paper consumption, strengthens environmental protection and saves costs and time.

Sounds like a fit? Let’s work together.