Fiscal representative in Switzerland – Your partner for tax matters: Nexova AG

  • Swiss tax liability: Foreign companies providing services in Switzerland may be liable for tax
  • The role of Nexova AG: As a fiscal representative we help your company comply with the requirements of the Swiss tax authorities
  • Benefits of fiscal representation: Working with a fiscal representative offers numerous advantages, including input tax rebates, improved customer experience and risk minimisation

The challenge of Swiss tax liability

Is your company based outside of Switzerland but provides services in the country? The Swiss tax authorities have special requirements for such companies, and you may have tax liability in Switzerland depending on your global turnover.

This is where Nexova AG, your trusted partner for all tax matters in Switzerland, comes in. As an experienced financial services provider and fiscal representative, we are well-versed in cross-border tax matters and have special expertise, particularly for foreign companies.

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When and why do you need fiscal representation in Switzerland?

Since the reforms in Swiss VAT law, all foreign companies that provide taxable services in Switzerland and generate a worldwide turnover of more than CHF 100,000 per year are subject to VAT in Switzerland. Foreign companies whose worldwide annual turnover is less than CHF 100,000 are exempt from VAT.

Taxable supplies include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

Operating a warehouse in Switzerland

Provision of services under a contract for work and services

Carrying out work on objects such as assembly, installation, or maintenance of objects

Digital services, e.g. electronic provision of software or music

Other physical activities in Switzerland

Mail order business of goods to Switzerland at the standard tax rate, with a value of less than CHF 65 per order but more than CHF 100,000 in total per year.

Companies domiciled abroad that provide services in Switzerland which are exclusively subject to purchase tax, such as consultancy services or services in the field of advertising, are exempt from tax. Mail order business and the delivery of goods to Switzerland that are subject to import tax also don’t require a fiscal representative.

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What are the benefits of a fiscal representative for your company?

A fiscal representative is essential to ensure that your business complies with the formal requirements of the Federal Tax Administration.

Switzerland does not allow non-resident businesses to directly register for VAT. Foreign companies that have neither a place of residence nor a place of business in Switzerland must therefore appoint a fiscal representative to fulfil their Swiss VAT obligations.

Additional advantages of a fiscal representative

Working with Nexova AG as your fiscal representative brings numerous benefits:

From recording business transactions to preparing balance sheets, income statements and annual financial statements, we keep track of everything for you. Our services are comprehensive and always comply with the latest standards and regulations.

Reimbursement of input taxes

we will help ensure you get reimbursed for input taxes paid in Switzerland. This is an important aspect of a company’s finances that is often overlooked.

Risk minimisation

We reduce the risks for both you as a trader and your end customers. We ensure you meet all your tax requirements, so you can focus on your core business.

Customer-focused localisation

Showing Swiss VAT directly on your invoices improves the experience of your Swiss customers. They appreciate the clarity and transparency this provides.

Increased efficiency

By working with us, you can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort you spend on your own VAT processing. This leads to a significant streamlining of your processes and saves you valuable time.

With Nexova AG as your fiscal representative, you benefit from seamless, efficient and competent support with your tax obligations in Switzerland.

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Let us take care of your tax obligations

Nexova AG takes care of all the tasks arising from your VAT obligations in Switzerland. This includes handling all the administration associated with your tax liability.

We are your reliable representatives in Switzerland and carry out the following specific activities:

Checking the VAT liability of your company

Preparing VAT statements

VAT representation vis-à-vis the Swiss tax authorities

Handling the reporting obligations in Switzerland, including official registration and application for a Swiss VAT number

Providing ongoing advice on all tax matters based on the individual situation and needs of your company

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The value of a fiscal representative – quality has its price

The cost of the services of a fiscal representative in Switzerland depends on the nature of your business and the amount of effort required.

To apply for a VAT number, a deposit is made with the Federal Tax Administration, Bern. The minimum amount is currently 2,000 Swiss francs.

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Nexova AG – Your tax representative in Switzerland

Thanks to our extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of the Swiss tax system, we are your best choice for fiscal representation in Switzerland.

Our team of qualified professionals provides work that is accurate, punctual, and indpendent. This means that you can focus on your core business while we seamlessly take care of all your VAT processing in Switzerland.

Based on the data and information you provide, we analyse your company’s specific needs and offer you tailor-made solutions.

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Our competent advisory team is available for an initial, free consultation with you. We look forward to assisting you with all your tax matters in Switzerland.

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